Christmas Shopping?




So it’s officially only a few weeks left until Christmas which means crazy presents shopping. This however is both a love and a hate for me, I love shopping and just wander around the city during Christmas times I mean the lights and the music that plays in every store result in a very cozy feeling.

But trying my fantasy isn’t always on top and I’m absolutely rubbish at finding good gifts for my loved ones (this doesn’t only apply for Christmas though), every time we come closer to Christmas the panic sets in, to whom should I buy gifts for? What should I buy? How much does my budget allow me to spend? Will they really like this or not? Why? How? The list goes on and on. Despite the fact that I’m well aware of the annual shopping panic I still don’t manages to get it done earlier than a few weeks before Christmas, but my main tip for you who don’t like crowded places or the stress of not finding anything in your local stores, go online! There are thousands of sites that offers great deals and that have a vast range of items which means that you can buy all of your presents on one site. That is at least what I’m going to do.

Hope your December have been great so far


2 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping?

  1. Christmas shopping is very much a ‘love or hate’ scenario, I agree. I find that if you definitely know what you’re heading out for, it can be a real treat to admire the lights on the way and enjoy a mince pie at a café! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    1. That it so true! especially when you know that you’ll find the perfect gift for someone 🙂 though I’ve never had a mince pie, heard about them and they sound very special Xd


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