25 Fact About Me


  1. My name is Agnes Maria Viveka
  2. After school I want to study and work aboard
  3. Concerts are on the top of my list of things I love
  4. I use sarcasm way too much
  5. I’ve binged watched gossip girl more than a few times
  6. I’d probably be up to do almost anything (if you asked me if I wanted to fly to Italy tomorrow, I’d probably find a way to make it work)
  7. And with that I love traveling more than anything
  8. I’ve had 2 cats and yes I’m a cat person
  9. I consume more sugar than I probably should (which need to be dealt with)
  10. My hair never do what I want it to do and most of the time end up looking like a birds nest
  11. I have a phobia of being alone
  12. I love to watch scary movies even though I’m the most easiest person to scare
  13. I have a strange love for a boy called Justin Drew Bieber
  14. I’ve listen to Justin’s album purpose every day for the last few weeks
  15. I like to organize my life and make lists so that I can keep my life under control
  16. I love food in any form
  17. I hate ignorant and false people
  18. One of the thing that are highest on my bucket list is bungee jumping
  19. I have a twin brother
  20. I usually watch more series than I should, this have resulted in very late night and suffering school work
  21. Twitter is my favorite social medias
  22. I love photographing
  23. I HATE rain more than anything
  24. I’m a very short and small person
  25. I like when people are happy and smiley

So now you know a little bit more about me and my life, have a lovely day or evening where ever you are!

/ A


Studio Lights

_MG_9471 2



_MG_9414 21


Hello people!

So at the photographing course I’m taking, we’ve just started playing with lights and shades in the photo studio and I love it. How you can create so different feeling by adjusting the light a little bit, even though we have 2 assignments to do, my friends and I have spent the past lessons in the studio playing with the different lights and trying to get some cool photos.

Your first time in a photo studio is kind of strange, uncomfortable but still fun at the same time, I mean trying to strike a fancy pose while you have three people just standing there laughing, it’s weird. For some people posing and being all serious come natural, but for me and when you’re there with friend it can get very silly… So half of the time in the studio we practically just took pictures trying to recreate different people, pose and themes. So there pictures aren’t all very serious, but we had a LOT of fun taking them. So here I present to you: The queen Elizabeth theme 2.0, The Salvatore brothers, The Liffner Pose and mysterious looking into the distant.


Imagine Dragons

_MG_2812 copy

_MG_2799 copy

Hello people of the cyber world!

One of the absolutely best things in the world are concerts, standing in a big crowed singing and dancing your heart out while an amazing band or artist do their thing on the stage., the aura in the arena before is always amazing, pre-singing and lots of rimes to get the whole audience going. If I could I would be going to as many concerts I possibly could, unfortunately I’m a student with a tight budget and most concerts in Sweden happens to be about 50 mil away from where I live.

But A couple of weeks ago I’ve got the opportunity to visited Stockholm with two friends from a languages course and the plans for our night in the big city were to watch Imagine Dragons preform and they turned out to be pretty incredible.

After waking up at 6 in the morning in order to catch a 3 hours train to Stockholm, I felt like a wreck. The train ride hadn’t been too pleasant, with children crying and a person next to me that clearly didn’t know what deodorant was, but I’d managed to survive. So walking around the streets in Stockholm shopping didn’t sound very appealing. Luckily my companions haven’t had much of a queen ride either, so we pottered our way to the hostel and took a well needed nap before the concert.

The concert were unbelievable amazing, the singer Dan had such a stage present and the songs got even more powerful played on full volume in an arena filled with dancing and singing people. My favorite parts were during either Battle Cry were they brought out these big drum-looking things that they played on or I Bet My Life when the whole audience went crazy. Overall it was an amazing experience and I would definitive see them again, if my student budget weren’t as tight.

Since you weren’t allowed cameras into the arena, I only took some horrible pictures with my phone, so here are two pictures of my phone showing my favorite songs from Imagine Dragons.

Till next time