30 Little Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve seen a few people doing this thing were they list little things from your everyday life that makes their day a little bit better, that makes them happy. So I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon and share 30 little things that make me happy.


  1. Laughing with your friends until your stomachs hurts
  2. A hot cup of tea on a rainy day
  3. Reading a good book (link the fav books post)
  4. Movie nights together with my family
  5. Singing your heart out to very loud music
  6. A pancake breakfast with Nutella
  7. Not needing feel stressed because of school
  8. Waking up well-rested
  9. Watching the first snow fall
  10. Finding a new favorite song that you will be listening to on repeat until you no longer can stand it
  11. Watch the summer sunset disappear by the sea
  12. Cat who gives you a head-butts and purr
  13. A delicious homemade dinner
  14. Strolling around the seaside on a hot summer day

    Untitled-1 real

  15. Baking new amazing treats
  16. Binge watching YouTube in your PJ
  17. Coming home from school to new episodes of your favorite series
  18. Cancelled school lessons
  19. When the road is exactly in the middle of a picture
  20. The moment you’re finished with a huge school project
  21. Freshly sheets
  22. Finding new series to binge watch
  23. Old school movie nights together with your friends watching High School Musical
  24. The first signs of spring
  25. The fresh air at our summer house
  26. Waking up to the sun peering through the window
  27. Warm summer nights
  28. Finding forgotten money
  29. A lush bath
  30. The smell of freshly cut grass

_MG_0746 1

What everyday things make you happy?


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