Guilt-free Nutella

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One of my all-time favorite snacks is and has always been Nutella, Nutella on toast, to biscuits, in you hot chocolate there’s so many possibilities with this goodness. The only bad thing with this lovely hazelnut spread is its contents, packed with sugar and god know what and we all know that consuming Nutella everyday probably isn’t the best for your body. So I’ve been browsing the interest in hopes of finding an easy and healthy Nutella recipe that actually works and I’ve finally found one that only requires 4 ingredients and I thought I’d share with you!

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What you will need:

Food processor or a strong blender

1 cup/ 2 dl Hazelnuts
2 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
12 Pitted Dates
Ca ½ cup/ 1 dl Water

How to do it:

First of preheat your oven to 175 C /347 F and then roast your hazelnuts for 15 min and make sure to stir every 5 min to give the hazelnuts an even roast, while you let the hazelnuts cool for a few minutes you can if your dates are a little bit dry soak them hot water for a few minutes (that will also make them easier to blend). Then rub you hazelnuts in a tea towel to get away as much of the shell as possible.

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While your dates are soaking you can start with blending your hazelnuts into a creamy consistency in your food processor, this will take a few minutes and in the beginning it will look like bread crumbs but have patience and keep blending till the hazelnuts starts gets creamy.
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Then add your dates and cocoa to the mixture and bled until it starts to look like thick Nutella and there’s no lumps of the dates. Now the only thing you have to do is add the water a little bit at a time, checking for the right consistency and if you fancy you can add more cocoa if you want it more chocolaty and you’re done!

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Your now homemade guilt-free Nutella will last for about 5 days in the fridge, but I’ll doubt that this delicious goodness will last for so long.

What do you think about this guilt-free Nutella and will you be trying it out?
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Favourite movies

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The past two weeks I haven’t had a single school related thing to do, no homework, no essays and no test which has resulted into a lot of movie watching. I’ve come to the time where I’m in phase with every series I’m watching and now have to wait a whole week for the next episode, so movies have become a regular thing now. So with that I figured I’d show your 2 of my top favorite’s movies that I’ve watched enough times to know every line.

Billy Elliot
This one is about the young boy Billy who lives during the late 20th century in England, Billy is a very energetic and happy boy who live together with his grandma, father and big brother. Despite their bad economy Billy’s father is determent to keep his youngest son in the local boxing class and even thought Billy isn’t very good the sport he fight through the classes to make his father proud. But one day after his boxing class he stays a little bit longer than usual and he watches as a group of girls practice ballet and Billy quickly founds an interest in this dancing style. He starts to go to the ballet classes instead of boxing and due to the fear of his father reaction he keeps this a secrete for as long as he can.

billy-elliot-50e58da798581This is the movie that when someone asks for movie tips is my first answer, I just love how it makes me feel and the fact that is kind of tells you that no matter who you are, where you are nothing’s impossible, and a dream of mine is to go and watch the actual musical live!

Catch me if you can
It’s about Frank Abagnale Jr. who gets caught in the middle of his parent money problem and divorce and in order to help his parent not only with the money but as well with their relationship he starts writing fake bank checks and as the society evolves and the system gets neater and harder to crack, Frank is always one step ahead and his technics gets more and more advance and soon he is off posing as pilots, layer and doctor in order to get more and more money and the most surprising par of all, he manage to fool everyone around him into believe that he actually is a real pilot.

This movie is so fascinating and surreal to watch and since it’s based on a true story is makes it even more unbelievable, just image this person actually succeeding doing this is crazy and even though everything he does is illegal I can’t but feel a little compassion  and admiration with this man for his brilliant skills and ideas.


I know this is only two movies and I can promise you that I have a many more movies that a love, but I’ll share more of that in another post!

What’s your absolutely favorite movie and why?

Memory Jar

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We’re now in February and at least in Sweden the snow is gone and it’s starting to get a tiny bit warmer and for a moth now I’ve been writing one note a day of something that makes me happy, something I’ve accomplished or of exciting things I’ve done.

Last year I did some amazing thing that I unfortunately didn’t really wrote down, took any pictures of or remember especially clearly and even though I of course remember the big thing, like travels and concerts, I feel like those small everyday-moments that you cherish so much kind of just flies by and you don’t really take the time to appreciate what you have and yourself.

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So I saw this really cute and fun little memory jar on Buzzfeed and decided to do my own and at least try to write one note a day to put in the jar. All you really need is any type of jar, little thing to decorate it with, pencils and 365 small notes, I decided to make mine simple with just a little sticker/note and a black ribbon since the jar I got was on its own really beautiful. Then comes the hard part, to remember to write a note for everyday! I’m not going to lie, I did have some trouble with this in the beginning but it soon after a while becomes one with your routine and a tip is to place a little note block beside your bed so you can write down your thoughts before you fall asleep.

I think that this is a perfect way to at the end of the year go back and read some of the notes and to remember that there’s light in everyday, even if it’s just that you ate a really good pizza or didn’t fail a test.

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Hope you’ll try this out and let me know what you think!

A Piece Of My Bucket List

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  1. Travel the world
  2. Ride all of the scariest roller coasters listed
  3. Bungee jump
  4. Holi, color festival in India
  5. Learn how to surf

Travel The World
I’ve said it a million times already but traveling is perhaps the most amazing and eye opening thing you can do! So this is a given point on my bucket list. Since I’ve never been outside of Europe I still have a ton of magical places to visit and a few of my ultimate “places I want to visit” are:
Los Angeles – this has been a dream destination since I was a tiny girl, living the American dream for a couple of days pretending to have a perfect live living by the beach and having bonfires at night.
Grenada – this is actually a quite reason addition to my bucket list and all due to my lovely friend who got the opportunity to sail the world, and when she came home showed me stories and incredible photos from Grenada, and gosh it looked like a paradise.
Australia/New Zeeland

Ride All Of The Scariest Roller Coaster Listed
This is something I don’t think I’ve mentioned but I love roller coaster, especially those who makes you stomach twist and heart flutter. Sadly I’ve really been to too many amusement parks that carries some scary roller coasters, but that’s reason this has little weird interest has ended up on my bucket list, I just need to find someone who’s up to go on this little adventure

Bungee Jumping
As you may have seen by now I’m a sucker for adventure, speed and putting your life in danger as many would’ve said or a somewhat adrenaline junkie. This however even gets me a little scared and I probably wouldn’t be too tough standing on the end of the platform to jump but it is still one of my top point on my bucket list.

Holi, Festival Of Colors
Every spring you wake up one day and the internet is filled to the rim with pictures of people covered in amazing colors, dancing and laughing and every year I wish that I was there.  The Holi festival is celebrated on the last full moon of Phalguna (which is a month in the Bengali calendar that equals February/march in ours) and one day I would love to participate in this amazing festival.

Learn How To Surf
I feel like this is one of those things that a lot of people put on their bucket list and it’s one of those things that almost feel like a must to do. This however also kind of gives me a pretty good reason to visit Australia, kill to bird with one stone (tried finding a translation for a Swedish saying and this sound pretty sad and brutal, but google said it’s the right one ;)).  Back to the surfing, even though I’m actually kind of scared of getting my head under water (claustrophobic) surfing doesn’t sound as scary as scuba diving, so seem surfing like a lot of fun, almost like skating on the sea.

What’s on your Bucket list and have you accomplished any of your dream goals?