Welcome Back Autumn

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Hello People of the cyber world. Autumn is here, the season with cozy sweatshirts, candles, bubble baths  and amazingly colored leafs, what is there not to love!

This year I’ve been taking a photo course in school and it’s been a blast! The fact that I can spend school hours doing what I love instead of calculating equations is more than good. So me and some friends spend the lesson taking photographs of the beautiful Autumn day. We got orders to at least try to get panorama pictures but non of them turned out specially good, so you’re going to have to wait for those, until I’ll manage to figure out how to work the panorama technique (to follow the moving object with a longer shutter speed, (it’s harder than it seems)). But in meantime here are some of the photos that did not turn out like a blurry line of colors.

See you all soon


Fly Away With Me?


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Waz up folks! Lying here in my comfy bed while the storm is raging on outside, editing some pictures I took yesterday,  denying the existence of the piles of homework burning on my desk. So in desperate times of procrastination let’s move on to another happier day.

On Thursday me and Filippa decided to surprise another friend for her birthday and after many buts, we finally managed to get her to Uddevalla. With lots of extra time to kill and two photographing minds we of course had to take advantage of all of those beautiful balloons lying on the floor and we ended up with some pretty awesome pictures that you will now see above. (I also tried throwing them in the air in hopes of taking a cool picture with balloons flying everywhere, did not go quite as planned) The  last two pictures are taken by Filippa, I just had to include them as well.

Weekends are better, till next time

From A Better Day

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Hello! Have had an amazing weekend which started with a fun Friday night with my classmates and dances, had a lot of fun but sadly the night had to end early for me because the next day it was time for Upzone (might make another blog post about that) and ended it at the Mussel bar with the family. Didn’t get any good photos among the tree tops or from Friday night, so I’ll just show you two photos I really like that me and a friend took a very rainy summer day.

Good luck till Monday

Culture Festival




Hello blog world! A few weeks ago me and a friend spend the day at the culture festival in Gothenburg. The day offered amazing food, laughter, lots of dancing and singing, a perfect summer night. Since school started with homework and essays I haven’t had the time to photograph, but I’m free for the weekend and looking forward to some photo-time again.

Hope your day have been incredible and I see you soon