Gingerbread House And Saffron

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It’s officially December and Christmas time now and I love it.

Christmas for me have always been the season of snow sledding, movie nights with warm saffron buns and milk, when the whole house just smell festive and Christmassy.

Even though the winter in Sweden haven’t been very winter-ish last couple of years, meaning no snow until AFTER Christmas which kind of ruin the whole cozy snuggly Christmas vibe. But making the best of it and trying to make it as Christmassy as possible, so last Saturday I spent the whole day baking with my ,om, everything from saffron buns to a gingerbread house and this has left our house smelling just like Christmas should for the last couple of days.

So waking up early isn’t one of my favorite things to do, but it had to be done. We started with saffron buns and let me just tell you THE SMELL, it’s incredible and definitely made it worth the missing of sleep in. Saffron buns are kind of different and I don’t even know if they exist outside of Scandinavia, but it’s a normal bun with saffron instead of cardamom and it has a very distinct and peculiar taste, it’s the same as with the famous marmite, either you love it or hate it.

Then it was time for me to put on my architecture and decoration skills, the gingerbread house.  So this in reality isn’t very hard, you either buy finished parts to the house or cut out your own parts from gingerbread dough. I think that I’ve managed to construct the main building somewhat nicely but the decoration weren’t the best one, let’s be real it looks like a 3 year old did it but at least it smells and look super festive and Christmassy. One thing that always scares me about putting the house together is the melted sugar glue, because it’s so unbelievable hot and by one touch can burn you severely, but no accidents this time. So my baking day was a great success and made me even more excited for Christmas.

Have you been doing any festive Christmas baking yet and what is the most traditional thing to bake where you’re from?


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