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The past two weeks I haven’t had a single school related thing to do, no homework, no essays and no test which has resulted into a lot of movie watching. I’ve come to the time where I’m in phase with every series I’m watching and now have to wait a whole week for the next episode, so movies have become a regular thing now. So with that I figured I’d show your 2 of my top favorite’s movies that I’ve watched enough times to know every line.

Billy Elliot
This one is about the young boy Billy who lives during the late 20th century in England, Billy is a very energetic and happy boy who live together with his grandma, father and big brother. Despite their bad economy Billy’s father is determent to keep his youngest son in the local boxing class and even thought Billy isn’t very good the sport he fight through the classes to make his father proud. But one day after his boxing class he stays a little bit longer than usual and he watches as a group of girls practice ballet and Billy quickly founds an interest in this dancing style. He starts to go to the ballet classes instead of boxing and due to the fear of his father reaction he keeps this a secrete for as long as he can.

billy-elliot-50e58da798581This is the movie that when someone asks for movie tips is my first answer, I just love how it makes me feel and the fact that is kind of tells you that no matter who you are, where you are nothing’s impossible, and a dream of mine is to go and watch the actual musical live!

Catch me if you can
It’s about Frank Abagnale Jr. who gets caught in the middle of his parent money problem and divorce and in order to help his parent not only with the money but as well with their relationship he starts writing fake bank checks and as the society evolves and the system gets neater and harder to crack, Frank is always one step ahead and his technics gets more and more advance and soon he is off posing as pilots, layer and doctor in order to get more and more money and the most surprising par of all, he manage to fool everyone around him into believe that he actually is a real pilot.

This movie is so fascinating and surreal to watch and since it’s based on a true story is makes it even more unbelievable, just image this person actually succeeding doing this is crazy and even though everything he does is illegal I can’t but feel a little compassion  and admiration with this man for his brilliant skills and ideas.


I know this is only two movies and I can promise you that I have a many more movies that a love, but I’ll share more of that in another post!

What’s your absolutely favorite movie and why?


5 thoughts on “Favourite movies

    1. Thanks Andrea! I’ve wanted to watch Camp Takota, as well mainly just because of the youtbers XD! And I’ve actually never seen Devil Wears Prada, but I’ve heard some good things about it!
      Xx Agnes


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