Guilt-free Nutella

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One of my all-time favorite snacks is and has always been Nutella, Nutella on toast, to biscuits, in you hot chocolate there’s so many possibilities with this goodness. The only bad thing with this lovely hazelnut spread is its contents, packed with sugar and god know what and we all know that consuming Nutella everyday probably isn’t the best for your body. So I’ve been browsing the interest in hopes of finding an easy and healthy Nutella recipe that actually works and I’ve finally found one that only requires 4 ingredients and I thought I’d share with you!

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What you will need:

Food processor or a strong blender

1 cup/ 2 dl Hazelnuts
2 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
12 Pitted Dates
Ca ½ cup/ 1 dl Water

How to do it:

First of preheat your oven to 175 C /347 F and then roast your hazelnuts for 15 min and make sure to stir every 5 min to give the hazelnuts an even roast, while you let the hazelnuts cool for a few minutes you can if your dates are a little bit dry soak them hot water for a few minutes (that will also make them easier to blend). Then rub you hazelnuts in a tea towel to get away as much of the shell as possible.

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While your dates are soaking you can start with blending your hazelnuts into a creamy consistency in your food processor, this will take a few minutes and in the beginning it will look like bread crumbs but have patience and keep blending till the hazelnuts starts gets creamy.
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Then add your dates and cocoa to the mixture and bled until it starts to look like thick Nutella and there’s no lumps of the dates. Now the only thing you have to do is add the water a little bit at a time, checking for the right consistency and if you fancy you can add more cocoa if you want it more chocolaty and you’re done!

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Your now homemade guilt-free Nutella will last for about 5 days in the fridge, but I’ll doubt that this delicious goodness will last for so long.

What do you think about this guilt-free Nutella and will you be trying it out?
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7 thoughts on “Guilt-free Nutella

  1. We are also obsessed with Nutella and your recipe looks much healthier and delicious, we will definitely be giving this a try soon! It may last 5 days in the fridge but we also doubt it will last that long!

    ISA Professional


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