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Greeting people! Been a long time since my last post and truthfully I’ve had the time to write just nothing to write about. So for now here’s a little update on whats going on in the glamours life of me!

I’am on autumn break (don’t know if it’s called that, but here in Sweden  that’s the translated name at least) and it’s amazing, really felt like I needed that and miraculously we don’t have a single homework that is supposed to be done. So I’ve spend the first days of freedom catching up with old friends, family dinner and relaxing. The upcoming week is offering a Halloween/birthday party and fake tattoo pranking and movie nights and a little bit of work hopefully.

These photos or the title ended up having nothing to do with the contents of this post but I’ve no photos what so ever that relates to autumn beak so this is what you’ll get for now.

Do you guys have Autumn break and what are your plans?

Till next time


Autumn Photoshoot

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Hey world! Been a long time since last post, but it’s the time of the year before autumn break when your life is filled with essays, test and presentations. But now I’m back!

The last weeks really haven’t been any special at all, I’ve tried keeping up with school, getting full on panic when our teacher showed us the result from last year Math test where 50% of everyone doing the test failed (doesn’t really increase our confident…) But next week I’ll be seeing Imagine Dragons concert and spending the day shopping, I’ll probably show you some from that and me and a friend have planned a photo day, so hopefully we will get some beautiful photos.

But for now here are some autumn inspired photos from a little photoshoot done in order to get a profile picture, didn’t go as planned though, having a serious photoshoot is very challenging and I ended up looking way to stiff and awkward while giving a “pretty” smile.

Hope everyone is having a lovely autumn with beautiful leaves surrounding them.

Life In A Book

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Reading have always been a part of my life and I love to read, even though, I am very picky with what it is that I read, with other words it require a lot for a book to be amazing in my opinion. I love sitting in the Living room wrapped up in a cozy blanket with a steaming hot tea mug reading a good book. That is really the definition of autumn. I’ve also recently discovered a book  app, where you can get free samples from almost every possible book, and if you like it you can then buy it directly into you phone, but I still prefer having a real book in my hand rather than my phone, but it’s an great way to bring a book if you want to travel light.

In my opinion a good book has to have both an amazing story and be well described, but most important, the language, I love words and descriptions, when a book can make you see a specific place or color so vividly that it feels like you are there, that’s when you know it’s a great book. The way a book is written is mainly the ruling thing to if I will read it or not, so if you love words as much as me, here are some of my favorites.

_MG_2071 copy PhotoshopAlan Turing: The Enigma – This is a biography of Alan Turing, the man who invented the first computer. It may fool you, thinking that this is a boring text about some random dude from the 1800 century, but this is an amazing biography written with such painstakingness that every word becomes a story. The story of Alan Turing is breathtaking and you really get to know this inscrutable human being deeply, from every thought in his head to his actions. Even though the language isn’t for anyone with minimal knowing of the English language, I had to look up hands full of words but still this is an amazing story that is more than worth reading.

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The Book Thief – This story takes place during World War 2, the main character is Liesel who fled to Germany to live safely during the times of disorder but ends up risking her life for someone with feathers for hair. This book has a very common story line considering its sets during a much known time, but what’s distinguish this specific book from so many others are the way the author use Death as his narrator which makes this specific book very intriguing and eccentric, but I love it.

What is your favorite book?