Favorite TV-series

Tv-series have always been something that I love, coming home from school to a new episode of you favorite show is the best. So I figured that I’d share with you three of my recently favorites that I haven’t been able to stop watching.

Prison Break_30769-480x360
Prison Break
I’ve just recently started watching Prison Break, but I’m hooked. Though I can’t speak for the whole series since I haven’t finished it (got a few more episodes of season 1) it is so far amazing. It’s about Lincoln Burrows who is adjudicated for the murder on the Vice president’s brother and he is waiting in death row, the question is if he’s really guilty or has he been framed for the murder. Michael, Lincoln’s little brother who is a very exceptional and interesting person is determent to get his brother out of prison before it’s too late, but in his way there he faces several failures and setbacks that is going to change everything.

It’s a very catching series and one of those that you can’t really let go of and you end up binge watching big parts of it, which isn’t always that good because your procrastination will get even worse.

Modern family
Modern Family is one of those series that makes you feel really good, with a very light and fun story almost filmed like a reality show this is the perfect series to watch when you just want to see something funny and sweet. It’s really about one big family that you get to follow thru everything from love and business to who did what and the struggle that comes with surviving everyday life.

A really good series that you probably will love, not that it’s one of those series that makes your heart twist and turn but it is a really nice show when you just want to relax.

this is literally my new love and I can’t say enough about how much I love this series. It’s about Mike who somehow in a very shady way becomes a lawyer or an associate for one of the most prestigious lawyers in New York, Harvey Spector. You get to follow the stoned faced Harvey and a cocky Mike while they literally fight the law and try to keep a very big secret that of it gets out will make their lives go from five star hotels and restaurants to nothing in a blink of an eye.

It may seem like a slow and boring series about some lawyers, and honestly that was what I thought at first. Having several friends going on about how good this series really was I finally gave it a chance and I regret nothing. This is a series that you for sure won’t be able to let it go and the characters are so well posed and you really do get to know every one of them and it will take you on a crazy emotional roller coaster.

What’s your favorite series and have you watched any on mine?



New Year’s Eve

_MG_3587 copyThe classic bond pose

I was lucky enough to spend my New Year’s Eve together with 2 amazing people. We started the day off with a stop at our local mall to find a present for our lovely host and some well needed victuals for the bus ride, since it was a special day and a long wait we treated our self to some sweets. When arriving at our house for the night we were greeted with champagne and dogs kind of attacking us with kisses with a tails so happy they could break your legs 😉

Then it was time for the prepping, we all wanted to look like queens on this night towards a new year, so we ended up spending  quite some time making sure our eyeliner were on point. As the evening come closer we decided to go out and take some pictures for a photo project in school (not even during Christmas break can you fully relax from school…) would recommend that though, it was freezing cold and dark so didn’t end up with very good pictures anyway.


We were so blesses that we didn’t have to so a thing, the food came served at our table looking incredible and I would’ve taken a picture to show you but before I could even think of it the food was gone.  So for the rest of our evening we just talked, laughed a lot, had a few photoshoot, got challenged in Mario cart and just having a great time!

So when the clock hit midnight we watched the few fireworks that they actually shot where we stayed, cheered in the new year and tried firing a few fireworks our self, and I got to say that even thought I were terrified in the beginning, the more you got used to lightning them yourself the more fun it got! Little bit of an adrenaline kick to be honest and here I did actually manage to get a few cool shots of the fireworks using the bulb thingy on my camera!



What did you do at New Year’s Eve?

Hopes and Plans

_MG_2945 copy

It’s now 2016! Haven’t really gotten that into my head yet, 2015 flew by so quick! But for new year’s resolutions I don’t really have any, instead I’ve a few plans and hopes for 2016 that I figured I’d share with you!

First of all this is my 18th year on this earth and I will now be considered an adult- This however won’t change much and honestly the only thing I’ve been looking forward to is the little things like how much easier it will be to travel, no special need or difficulties because of my age.

The second thing that is settled for 2016 is October 2nd, when I and my friend will be traveling down to Denmark to attend Justin Bieber concert, already mentioned that I got tickets in my previously post but now it’s not the next year anymore, it’s THIS year. So I don’t really know how to but my feelings into words on this one, but you will probably hear about this a few more times 😉

The last thing that is happening in 2016 is a trip to England with my school, where we will be visiting a university in Cambridge and practice in London. For 2 weeks we will be enjoying the British culture, drink a lot of tea and hopefully spend our free days wandering around the streets of London.

Okay so these where the things that’s going to happen, but of course there are also a lot of thing that I’m trying to make happen, that I want to do but that is not set in stone yet.

And the thing that I’m trying my hardest to make it happen is a summer job in England, any job really I just want to get away from Sweden and try something new. This is as I’ve notice much harder than I thought, search on google and you will find jobs that requires experience and educations and since I haven’t finished school yet it’s difficult, but I’ll keep looking and tying (If any of you have tips and tricks on how to make this  happen, I would love if you left a comment).

The second thing I’m hoping to do more of is traveling in general, it doesn’t have to be major trips but weekends to get away and see new places and cultures.

Do you have any special plans for 2016?




My 2015

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage 1

The year is soon to be over and 2016 is coming close so I figured that I’d make summary of 2015 and some special moments and times during this year.

  1. I started of this year with an amazing vacation in Spain on the island of Tenerife with the family. We spent the first week of 2015 swimming in turquoise water, eating incredible food, chitchatting until the early hours and shopping. Before we ended our weeks in the sun the thing we couldn’t miss was; Teide the 3rd biggest volcano in the world, luckily it’s inactive (for now at least) and the environment you drove by on your way up was incredible! On the sides of the small crooked road up to the mountain you got to see everything from the fog covering the lower land, making it almost impossible to see the city down the shore, The ice on the few plant that had frozen in an diagonal way caused by the hard wind, and an very special almost science looking building in the middle of nowhere.
  1. In the beginning of summer we bought a very small sailing boat (it’s more of a rowing boat with a sail on it). This however was a very spontaneously thing, bought with a box of chocolate and it missed a little thingy that made it possible to sail and unfortunately this little piece can’t be found in store at all so we haven’t gotten to try our little Askepott, but we’re thinking of getting it made so that we actually can take our little sailing boat on a ride next year.
  1. On my birthday I got surprised by my friends with presents and food (lots of food), spending the whole day at the beach eating, talking, laughing and swimming with the people I love is more than I could’ve wished for. When the clock got closer to 12 pm we wandered off to a friend’s house where we spent the rest of the night talking and singing, an amazing birthday in other words.
  1. During summer break when I got a few days off in between work and friends I took the bus to our summer house, on the west cost of Sweden aka the most beautiful place in the world. There I spent the days sunbathing, riding on one of those rings after our boat, and spending a few days out on the sea with the family.
  1. At the end of the summer I and my brother got a surprise road trip, where none of us knew where we were going and after every stop we got a little quiz in order to figure out our next destination. We ended up in Gränna the home of candy canes and Kolmården (a zoo) where we spent a night out in the wild. They had built a camping area just like the one in the national park Serengeti, with the wild life of the savanna just a few meters away, this were a really cool experience that made you feel like you were sleeping in an tent on the other side of the world.
  1. In late October I took the train up to Stockholm to meet two friends from a language trip and to enjoy Imagine Dragons concert. These few days ended up being so much fun, catching up with the girls and the concert were incredible! You can see my blog post about this trip HERE
  1. This year is not exactly over but I can say already now that the thing I’m going to tell you about was the best ending I’ve ever could’ve gotten. I got tickets to Justin Bieber’s concert in Denmark on October 2nd! After walking around in a cloud, only worried about the tickets for 3 days it was finally times for pre-sale and since the demand is soooo high I weren’t even sure that I would get any but I did! Even though I may be in England with my school on an internship I will for sure find a way to make it work.

So this was some highlights of my year that made me feel extra good.

Do you have any special moments from 2015 that made you feel really good?
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Rocky Roads

_MG_3418 copy

Christmas is that time of the year when your house fills with the smell of freshly baked goodies and Christmas music follows you everywhere you go. One of my favorite treat for during this jolly holiday season must be Rocky Roads, a delicious chocolate bar packed with your favorite candy. This is a simple no bake chocolate bars with endless of possibilities, you can choose to fill the chocolaty goodness with whatever you want, and my personal favorites are Salt Licorice, Caramel Toffee and Gummy Bears.

_MG_3393 copy



What we used

70% Dark Chocolate
Jelly Raspberries
Sweet Licorice Boats
Mini Marshmallows

(The quantities doesn’t really matter, only make sure you have enough
chocolate to cover it all)




How to do it

Use scissors to cut your candy into little pieces (you can use a knife as well, but scissors are easier to use). Then break you chocolate into smaller pieces and place them into a bowl over a water bath, stir continuously until the chocolate is fully melted. Now just combine everything in a bigger bowl and spread it out on a baking sheet, place it in the fridge to set for a couple of hours and cut it up into bite size pieces and enjoy!

_MG_3366 copy

_MG_3381 copy

_MG_3386 copy

_MG_3423 copy

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What’s your favorite Christmas treat?

Christmas Shopping?




So it’s officially only a few weeks left until Christmas which means crazy presents shopping. This however is both a love and a hate for me, I love shopping and just wander around the city during Christmas times I mean the lights and the music that plays in every store result in a very cozy feeling.

But trying my fantasy isn’t always on top and I’m absolutely rubbish at finding good gifts for my loved ones (this doesn’t only apply for Christmas though), every time we come closer to Christmas the panic sets in, to whom should I buy gifts for? What should I buy? How much does my budget allow me to spend? Will they really like this or not? Why? How? The list goes on and on. Despite the fact that I’m well aware of the annual shopping panic I still don’t manages to get it done earlier than a few weeks before Christmas, but my main tip for you who don’t like crowded places or the stress of not finding anything in your local stores, go online! There are thousands of sites that offers great deals and that have a vast range of items which means that you can buy all of your presents on one site. That is at least what I’m going to do.

Hope your December have been great so far