Favorite TV-series

Tv-series have always been something that I love, coming home from school to a new episode of you favorite show is the best. So I figured that I’d share with you three of my recently favorites that I haven’t been able to stop watching.

Prison Break_30769-480x360
Prison Break
I’ve just recently started watching Prison Break, but I’m hooked. Though I can’t speak for the whole series since I haven’t finished it (got a few more episodes of season 1) it is so far amazing. It’s about Lincoln Burrows who is adjudicated for the murder on the Vice president’s brother and he is waiting in death row, the question is if he’s really guilty or has he been framed for the murder. Michael, Lincoln’s little brother who is a very exceptional and interesting person is determent to get his brother out of prison before it’s too late, but in his way there he faces several failures and setbacks that is going to change everything.

It’s a very catching series and one of those that you can’t really let go of and you end up binge watching big parts of it, which isn’t always that good because your procrastination will get even worse.

Modern family
Modern Family is one of those series that makes you feel really good, with a very light and fun story almost filmed like a reality show this is the perfect series to watch when you just want to see something funny and sweet. It’s really about one big family that you get to follow thru everything from love and business to who did what and the struggle that comes with surviving everyday life.

A really good series that you probably will love, not that it’s one of those series that makes your heart twist and turn but it is a really nice show when you just want to relax.

this is literally my new love and I can’t say enough about how much I love this series. It’s about Mike who somehow in a very shady way becomes a lawyer or an associate for one of the most prestigious lawyers in New York, Harvey Spector. You get to follow the stoned faced Harvey and a cocky Mike while they literally fight the law and try to keep a very big secret that of it gets out will make their lives go from five star hotels and restaurants to nothing in a blink of an eye.

It may seem like a slow and boring series about some lawyers, and honestly that was what I thought at first. Having several friends going on about how good this series really was I finally gave it a chance and I regret nothing. This is a series that you for sure won’t be able to let it go and the characters are so well posed and you really do get to know every one of them and it will take you on a crazy emotional roller coaster.

What’s your favorite series and have you watched any on mine?



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