New Year’s Eve

_MG_3587 copyThe classic bond pose

I was lucky enough to spend my New Year’s Eve together with 2 amazing people. We started the day off with a stop at our local mall to find a present for our lovely host and some well needed victuals for the bus ride, since it was a special day and a long wait we treated our self to some sweets. When arriving at our house for the night we were greeted with champagne and dogs kind of attacking us with kisses with a tails so happy they could break your legs 😉

Then it was time for the prepping, we all wanted to look like queens on this night towards a new year, so we ended up spending  quite some time making sure our eyeliner were on point. As the evening come closer we decided to go out and take some pictures for a photo project in school (not even during Christmas break can you fully relax from school…) would recommend that though, it was freezing cold and dark so didn’t end up with very good pictures anyway.


We were so blesses that we didn’t have to so a thing, the food came served at our table looking incredible and I would’ve taken a picture to show you but before I could even think of it the food was gone.  So for the rest of our evening we just talked, laughed a lot, had a few photoshoot, got challenged in Mario cart and just having a great time!

So when the clock hit midnight we watched the few fireworks that they actually shot where we stayed, cheered in the new year and tried firing a few fireworks our self, and I got to say that even thought I were terrified in the beginning, the more you got used to lightning them yourself the more fun it got! Little bit of an adrenaline kick to be honest and here I did actually manage to get a few cool shots of the fireworks using the bulb thingy on my camera!



What did you do at New Year’s Eve?


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