Hopes and Plans

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It’s now 2016! Haven’t really gotten that into my head yet, 2015 flew by so quick! But for new year’s resolutions I don’t really have any, instead I’ve a few plans and hopes for 2016 that I figured I’d share with you!

First of all this is my 18th year on this earth and I will now be considered an adult- This however won’t change much and honestly the only thing I’ve been looking forward to is the little things like how much easier it will be to travel, no special need or difficulties because of my age.

The second thing that is settled for 2016 is October 2nd, when I and my friend will be traveling down to Denmark to attend Justin Bieber concert, already mentioned that I got tickets in my previously post but now it’s not the next year anymore, it’s THIS year. So I don’t really know how to but my feelings into words on this one, but you will probably hear about this a few more times 😉

The last thing that is happening in 2016 is a trip to England with my school, where we will be visiting a university in Cambridge and practice in London. For 2 weeks we will be enjoying the British culture, drink a lot of tea and hopefully spend our free days wandering around the streets of London.

Okay so these where the things that’s going to happen, but of course there are also a lot of thing that I’m trying to make happen, that I want to do but that is not set in stone yet.

And the thing that I’m trying my hardest to make it happen is a summer job in England, any job really I just want to get away from Sweden and try something new. This is as I’ve notice much harder than I thought, search on google and you will find jobs that requires experience and educations and since I haven’t finished school yet it’s difficult, but I’ll keep looking and tying (If any of you have tips and tricks on how to make this  happen, I would love if you left a comment).

The second thing I’m hoping to do more of is traveling in general, it doesn’t have to be major trips but weekends to get away and see new places and cultures.

Do you have any special plans for 2016?





6 thoughts on “Hopes and Plans

  1. The journeys you’ve got planned for 2016 sound great – enjoy your trip to London, I hope you have a fabulous time! 🙂



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