My 2015

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The year is soon to be over and 2016 is coming close so I figured that I’d make summary of 2015 and some special moments and times during this year.

  1. I started of this year with an amazing vacation in Spain on the island of Tenerife with the family. We spent the first week of 2015 swimming in turquoise water, eating incredible food, chitchatting until the early hours and shopping. Before we ended our weeks in the sun the thing we couldn’t miss was; Teide the 3rd biggest volcano in the world, luckily it’s inactive (for now at least) and the environment you drove by on your way up was incredible! On the sides of the small crooked road up to the mountain you got to see everything from the fog covering the lower land, making it almost impossible to see the city down the shore, The ice on the few plant that had frozen in an diagonal way caused by the hard wind, and an very special almost science looking building in the middle of nowhere.
  1. In the beginning of summer we bought a very small sailing boat (it’s more of a rowing boat with a sail on it). This however was a very spontaneously thing, bought with a box of chocolate and it missed a little thingy that made it possible to sail and unfortunately this little piece can’t be found in store at all so we haven’t gotten to try our little Askepott, but we’re thinking of getting it made so that we actually can take our little sailing boat on a ride next year.
  1. On my birthday I got surprised by my friends with presents and food (lots of food), spending the whole day at the beach eating, talking, laughing and swimming with the people I love is more than I could’ve wished for. When the clock got closer to 12 pm we wandered off to a friend’s house where we spent the rest of the night talking and singing, an amazing birthday in other words.
  1. During summer break when I got a few days off in between work and friends I took the bus to our summer house, on the west cost of Sweden aka the most beautiful place in the world. There I spent the days sunbathing, riding on one of those rings after our boat, and spending a few days out on the sea with the family.
  1. At the end of the summer I and my brother got a surprise road trip, where none of us knew where we were going and after every stop we got a little quiz in order to figure out our next destination. We ended up in Gränna the home of candy canes and Kolmården (a zoo) where we spent a night out in the wild. They had built a camping area just like the one in the national park Serengeti, with the wild life of the savanna just a few meters away, this were a really cool experience that made you feel like you were sleeping in an tent on the other side of the world.
  1. In late October I took the train up to Stockholm to meet two friends from a language trip and to enjoy Imagine Dragons concert. These few days ended up being so much fun, catching up with the girls and the concert were incredible! You can see my blog post about this trip HERE
  1. This year is not exactly over but I can say already now that the thing I’m going to tell you about was the best ending I’ve ever could’ve gotten. I got tickets to Justin Bieber’s concert in Denmark on October 2nd! After walking around in a cloud, only worried about the tickets for 3 days it was finally times for pre-sale and since the demand is soooo high I weren’t even sure that I would get any but I did! Even though I may be in England with my school on an internship I will for sure find a way to make it work.

So this was some highlights of my year that made me feel extra good.

Do you have any special moments from 2015 that made you feel really good?
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