25 Fact About Me


  1. My name is Agnes Maria Viveka
  2. After school I want to study and work aboard
  3. Concerts are on the top of my list of things I love
  4. I use sarcasm way too much
  5. I’ve binged watched gossip girl more than a few times
  6. I’d probably be up to do almost anything (if you asked me if I wanted to fly to Italy tomorrow, I’d probably find a way to make it work)
  7. And with that I love traveling more than anything
  8. I’ve had 2 cats and yes I’m a cat person
  9. I consume more sugar than I probably should (which need to be dealt with)
  10. My hair never do what I want it to do and most of the time end up looking like a birds nest
  11. I have a phobia of being alone
  12. I love to watch scary movies even though I’m the most easiest person to scare
  13. I have a strange love for a boy called Justin Drew Bieber
  14. I’ve listen to Justin’s album purpose every day for the last few weeks
  15. I like to organize my life and make lists so that I can keep my life under control
  16. I love food in any form
  17. I hate ignorant and false people
  18. One of the thing that are highest on my bucket list is bungee jumping
  19. I have a twin brother
  20. I usually watch more series than I should, this have resulted in very late night and suffering school work
  21. Twitter is my favorite social medias
  22. I love photographing
  23. I HATE rain more than anything
  24. I’m a very short and small person
  25. I like when people are happy and smiley

So now you know a little bit more about me and my life, have a lovely day or evening where ever you are!

/ A


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