Studio Lights

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Hello people!

So at the photographing course I’m taking, we’ve just started playing with lights and shades in the photo studio and I love it. How you can create so different feeling by adjusting the light a little bit, even though we have 2 assignments to do, my friends and I have spent the past lessons in the studio playing with the different lights and trying to get some cool photos.

Your first time in a photo studio is kind of strange, uncomfortable but still fun at the same time, I mean trying to strike a fancy pose while you have three people just standing there laughing, it’s weird. For some people posing and being all serious come natural, but for me and when you’re there with friend it can get very silly… So half of the time in the studio we practically just took pictures trying to recreate different people, pose and themes. So there pictures aren’t all very serious, but we had a LOT of fun taking them. So here I present to you: The queen Elizabeth theme 2.0, The Salvatore brothers, The Liffner Pose and mysterious looking into the distant.



4 thoughts on “Studio Lights

  1. I’m with you the images having a slightly ‘mysterious’ vibe to them, they’ve come out really well – I can imagine how much fun you could have setting up different scenes/shoots in that lighting 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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