Bits n Pieces

_MG_1128 copy photoshop

_MG_1055 copy photoshop

_MG_1090 copy photoshop

Greeting people! Been a long time since my last post and truthfully I’ve had the time to write just nothing to write about. So for now here’s a little update on whats going on in the glamours life of me!

I’am on autumn break (don’t know if it’s called that, but here in Sweden  that’s the translated name at least) and it’s amazing, really felt like I needed that and miraculously we don’t have a single homework that is supposed to be done. So I’ve spend the first days of freedom catching up with old friends, family dinner and relaxing. The upcoming week is offering a Halloween/birthday party and fake tattoo pranking and movie nights and a little bit of work hopefully.

These photos or the title ended up having nothing to do with the contents of this post but I’ve no photos what so ever that relates to autumn beak so this is what you’ll get for now.

Do you guys have Autumn break and what are your plans?

Till next time


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