Autumn Photoshoot

_MG_2423 copy

_MG_2427 copy

_MG_2517 copy_MG_2364 copy

_MG_2308 copy

Hey world! Been a long time since last post, but it’s the time of the year before autumn break when your life is filled with essays, test and presentations. But now I’m back!

The last weeks really haven’t been any special at all, I’ve tried keeping up with school, getting full on panic when our teacher showed us the result from last year Math test where 50% of everyone doing the test failed (doesn’t really increase our confident…) But next week I’ll be seeing Imagine Dragons concert and spending the day shopping, I’ll probably show you some from that and me and a friend have planned a photo day, so hopefully we will get some beautiful photos.

But for now here are some autumn inspired photos from a little photoshoot done in order to get a profile picture, didn’t go as planned though, having a serious photoshoot is very challenging and I ended up looking way to stiff and awkward while giving a “pretty” smile.

Hope everyone is having a lovely autumn with beautiful leaves surrounding them.


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