Fly Away With Me?


_MG_1392 copy


DSC_0051 copy


Waz up folks! Lying here in my comfy bed while the storm is raging on outside, editing some pictures I took yesterday,  denying the existence of the piles of homework burning on my desk. So in desperate times of procrastination let’s move on to another happier day.

On Thursday me and Filippa decided to surprise another friend for her birthday and after many buts, we finally managed to get her to Uddevalla. With lots of extra time to kill and two photographing minds we of course had to take advantage of all of those beautiful balloons lying on the floor and we ended up with some pretty awesome pictures that you will now see above. (I also tried throwing them in the air in hopes of taking a cool picture with balloons flying everywhere, did not go quite as planned) The  last two pictures are taken by Filippa, I just had to include them as well.

Weekends are better, till next time


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